Beri B.

Full name: Berislav Bero Blažević
Born February, 22nd 1967 in Tripoli, lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.
He is mostly known as the keyboard player in one of the greatest bands in the region, „Parni Valjak“. For more than 35 years he is constantly recording and touring with the band.
Throughout his career he collaborated with many famous Croatian singers and the bands, recorded countless numbers of the albums. He is the multiple winner of Croatian most recognized musical award „Porin“, as well as the Croatian award for the most influential instrumentalist „Status“. This year, with Parni Valjak he is the recipient of the Porin Lifetime Achievement Award.
He composed and arranged the music for Tv and the film, worked in the theaters, and is active as the organist in the Church of the Holy Cross in Zagreb.
Most recently he started his own solo career and is working on his instrumental album. 


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